I would like to thank everyone who joined us at the recent UAC Member Webinar. The entire Board was delighted with the attendance and hopes that as a result of the webinar, you now have a greater understanding of what we are trying to achieve for our members.

One of the overarching goals in the Strategic Plans is to switch our focus externally.

UAC has successfully given businesses the opportunity to connect, link with market products, and increase brokers’ security while providing education, and delivering insights. Our future focus, as part of The Connected Pillar, is to continue to assist with the growth of members’ businesses.

Like you, the Board run their own Underwriting Agencies, and as such, understand the challenges, opportunities and issues our members face. Our focus is to ensure we are supporting you to access the industry.

The Connected Pillar can be summarised in the following three areas:

  1. Increasing the connection between members and brokers in a growing and more complex marketplace. Our key customer is the broker channel, and we can support your business by providing more opportunities for brokers to access and understand your product. As the market evolves around us, the standing of the UAC will provide a platform for greater and more effective communication between members and brokers.
  2. Making and growing connections for business innovation. We emphasise innovation to help members develop new or enhanced services, products and solutions. New technologies and business methods will provide additional competitive advantages to agile agencies that understand their customers’ needs.
  3. Identifying and connecting expert businesses to understand the market and our industry and offering best-practice products or services to help members. As the industry evolves and changes, our business service members will be able to provide specialist expertise that enables our members to deal with new challenges or take advantage of identified opportunities. In addition, we will focus more on supporting you to engage with security through building more robust networks with major underwriting partners.

We are best positioned to help you build and grow your business through this focus.

Please consider how we can help our members achieve greater success. To reiterate Jenny’s comments, the Board actively seeks input from your organisation. I encourage all members to provide suggestions and feedback to make UAC better for your business.

Thank you for your ongoing commitment and support.

Best regards,

Heath Amber
UAC Chair