We aim to strengthen UAC to support members in the long term. UAC is fortunate in that it’s in a solid position. Still, we must look to the future and ensure we have the financial capability to take us further.

To enhance our association, we aim to deliver a dependable, ongoing service to our members by reinforcing our governance, policy development, performance metrics, compliance frameworks, and transparency. We must formulate a comprehensive financial strategy to secure our viability, supported by well-structured financial and investment plans and underpinned by a strong sponsorship pipeline.

We are committed to raising UAC’s profile within the insurance industry and beyond, and we will continue to invest in this endeavour. Our commitment extends to enhancing our value proposition to voting and business services members, industry stakeholders, distribution networks, and capacity channels. Ensuring fair pricing and exceptional value for money will remain a key focus throughout our strategic planning process.

Recognizing the imperative need for nurturing emerging leadership and developmental opportunities, particularly among the younger generation, we seek to cultivate capabilities for increased membership engagement through research, advocacy, and marketing.

Furthermore, an integral aspect of our sustainability lies in our dedication to reinforcing governance structures and enhancing transparency. Given the pivotal role of the Board within UAC, it is essential to align the skills of our Board members with our strategic objectives. We acknowledge that each of us possesses unique strengths and weaknesses, and we welcome input and collaboration from our members.

Additionally, our subcommittees play a crucial role in our development, and we are delighted to witness members expressing their eagerness to contribute actively. We must harness these skills effectively and fortify governance frameworks by aligning board agendas and processes with our overarching strategies while increasing transparency in UAC’s governance practices.

Furthermore, aligning our operating model with our strategic vision and onboarding new capabilities are essential steps in our journey. For this to succeed, we will involve the creation of new roles, engagement with strategic suppliers and partners, positioning UAC optimally to represent our members geographically, and incorporating additional capabilities for advocacy, engagement, marketing, research, data analysis, and other relevant focus areas.

Kurt Nilsen
UAC Director