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Protect The Ones You Love

2023-03-14T16:42:32+11:00Tuesday 14 March 2023|What's New from UAC Members|

The months following Valentine’s Day remind us to look to our loved ones and how we can better care for and protect them. When it comes to protection, there is something tangible you can do, with Legal Expense Insurance (LEI) cover. Having a LEI family policy will cover you and your loved ones for various [...]

NSRA – Location Update next 8 weeks

2023-03-08T13:28:50+11:00Wednesday 8 March 2023|What's New from UAC Members|

National Surveys & Risk Assessments will have surveyors in the following areas over the next 8 weeks. If you need a Property Risk Survey conducted, please contact me on info@nsra.com.au or 1300 880 422 and I can provide more accurate site visit dates for each area. We are also able to provide Thermal imaging should [...]

Sedgwick reaffirms the importance of catastrophe planning

2023-02-22T05:08:51+11:00Wednesday 22 February 2023|What's New from UAC Members|

Last year, with the prospect of a severe CAT season looming, Sedgwick released a short piece — relevant to insurers, brokers and their customers alike — that stressed the importance of planning ahead. Considering the upheaval across Australia caused by the extreme rainfall, we felt it would be beneficial to reshare the details of that [...]

The Emotional Side to Claims Management

2023-01-23T12:11:25+11:00Monday 23 January 2023|What's New from UAC Members|

According to the Insurance Council of Australia (2022), 2022 was Australia’s costliest year due to severe weather events. With actual claims costs from 197,000 claims, the insured losses amount to an estimated $3.35 Billion. Our team in the support and claims centre deal with the victims of these destructive weather events. As one of our [...]

Sedgwick’s ‘recall ready’ service enables faster response to product recall events.

2023-01-10T13:50:41+11:00Tuesday 10 January 2023|What's New from UAC Members|

In the 25 years that Sedgwick has been handling product recalls — more than 5,000 to date — we’ve seen awareness of these events increase significantly. Whilst many businesses are self-insured, those buying cover continues to grow; this risk transfer means that insurers are paying out on a greater number of recalls. We’re also starting [...]

Hutch Underwriting’s new Strata policy addresses increasing cyber risk for Australians

2022-11-28T10:31:11+11:00Monday 28 November 2022|What's New from UAC Members|

Hutch Underwriting launched a new residential Strata insurance policy today that in addition to the usual property and liability covers, for the first time offers body corporates protection from the wave of cybercrime impacting Australia. Hutch’s CEO, Robin Johnson, explained, “The Australian Cyber Security Centre estimates cybercrime cost Australia $33bn annually, and stratas are unfortunately [...]

Monthly highlights for you to maximise business through AGILE

2022-11-15T11:04:15+11:00Tuesday 15 November 2022|What's New from UAC Members|

Construction & contract works AGILE’s construction underwriters are engineers who live and breathe construction. Our team has an excellent offering for both single projects and annual contract work. We can assist with your hard-to-place risks and also with your vanilla placements. Contract works is designed for tradies who run their own projects, owner builders and [...]


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