Sub-committee updates

All the sub-committees have met at least once and are starting to work on some ideas and plans. There have been a lot of ideas and suggestions already, but everyone has recognised the importance of getting member feedback.

Over the next few weeks, you may be contacted by some of our sub-committee members as they seek to understand in more detail how you view your member benefits or our Expos. With plenty of passion and ideas, they believe that understanding what the broader membership wants, and expects, is essential.

UAC Sponsorship

We are excited to announce that QBE is the first business to sign up for our new sponsorship opportunities with UAC. QBE is a long-standing supporter of the UAC and the underwriting agencies segment and will be our first Platinum Sponsor.

Part of UACs commitment to delivering an ambitious new strategic plan is our improved sponsorship offerings that directly align with tangible business outcomes. We have several sponsorship packages that help build strong networks with our members, take advantage of exclusive branding and communication tools, and access our thriving community of members. For more information, please email or contact Jenny Bax.

Expo Sponsorship

We are also launching our 2024 UAC Expo Sponsorship opportunities. As many people would know, our Expos are highly regarded in the industry and essential for connecting underwriting agencies with the wider broker community.

Through our sponsorship options, you will have exclusive access to various branding, communication and promotional opportunities throughout the event and part of the pre-event and post-event promotions. We have several sponsorship options that are designed to suit a range of budgets. For more information, please email or contact Jenny Bax.