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We’re now underwriting Property Insurance! 

2021-12-22T15:28:59+11:00Wednesday 22 December 2021|What's New from UAC Members|

Property Appetite We're now underwriting Property Insurance! Our new Lloyd's property binder can cater for a broad range of occupations and activities and About Underwriting can assist you if you are looking for 100% policy placement or additional capacity to complete your slip. Key areas that are within our appetite include: Single or Multiple Locations [...]

Cyber Insurance Alert regarding Apache Log4j Vulnerability

2021-12-22T11:16:13+11:00Wednesday 22 December 2021|What's New from UAC Members|

An update from UAC member Emergence. A serious software weakness in Apache software is exposing billions of devices globally. Log4j is a software utility that has been integrated into countless apps and IT platforms globally. Recently discovered security flaws are being exploited by cyber criminals to attack IT systems in Australia and elsewhere. Immediate action is [...]

iBAIS insurance system gets extensive pre-Christmas makeover

2021-12-20T12:04:43+11:00Monday 20 December 2021|What's New from UAC Members|

10 December 2021 News release - iBAIS insurance system gets extensive pre-Christmas makeover iBAIS, the flagship insurance platform from BAIS insurance technology, has received a major pre-Christmas makeover, with the release of iBAIS 2.0 on 13 December. The user interface and usability has been extensively updated to make the platform more elegant for customers, brokers [...]

UAC Board 2021 – 2023

2021-12-20T12:00:43+11:00Thursday 9 December 2021|Latest News|

Following the AGM today, the newly elected board and positions are: Chair - Kurt Nilsen Deputy Chair - Emily Walker Treasurer - Trent Brown Company Secretary and Public Officer - Heath Amber Director - Jeanene Hill Director - Anthony Porter Director - Mike Edmonds Director - Simon Lightbody

Entsia and Grappler changing the game in digital transformation

2021-12-06T11:42:37+11:00Monday 6 December 2021|What's New from UAC Members|

ATL’s insider perspective on how Entsia and Grappler are changing the game in digital transformation. Here’s what you missed from last week’s webinar. According to the host of last week’s Entsia webinar, digital transformation is set to be the driving force in “the long overdue disruption of the insurance industry”. The webinar featured Nick Evans [...]


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