Monthly Archives: March 2018

What is Dual’s cyber offering?

2018-03-12T10:47:14+11:00Monday 12 March 2018|What's New from UAC Members|

Dual has released a new Cyber Gold offering which bridges the gap between its existing Cyber Silver (risk extension/endorsement) offering and Cyber Platinum and made changes to its Cyber Silver product. Cyber Silver is aimed at SME clients with up to $50 million turnover who want cyber cover to protect their website assets, but cannot justify the higher [...]

Dual explains WebRater

2018-03-12T10:46:11+11:00Monday 12 March 2018|What's New from UAC Members|

Dual's WebRater allows brokers to obtain a quote and bind in less than 2 minutes. Click here to see how. The WebRater offers 11 different products specifically designed for SME clients. Since its 2010 launch, more than 14,000 brokers have used the WebRater, generating more than 200,000 new business indications and almost 100,000 policies have been [...]


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