BAIS insurance technology is a proud member of UAC and now supports one in five of its members. Its flagship insurance platform, iBAIS 2.0, and exceptional level of service, have been attracting Underwriting Agencies to it for many years.

The company has an interesting history. BAIS was ‘in the cloud before the cloud even existed’ having created one of the world’s first insurance Saas product twenty years ago. Back then, there were no existing software platforms to utilise, so BAIS developed its own tools to enable browser-based delivery. Having done this, it gave BAIS the advantage of being able to deliver a core Saas product and also add further features to meet the Australian insurance industry’s needs. It is very rare for a Saas provider these days to be able to provide flexible solutions that are as bespoke as needed.

As an independent, local business, BAIS has always been able to focus on the needs of Underwriting Agencies, without any distractions from business operations in other countries, ownership dictates or conflicts of interest.

Over $40 million has been invested in further developing the platform. iBAIS has one of the most comprehensive function and product capabilities in the Australian market with hundreds of products loaded onto the platform and it has yet to come across an insurance transaction that is too complicated. The locally-based team has a combined level of IT and Australian insurance expertise that is unrivalled in the industry, with many of the team having been dedicated to serving the Australian insurance industry for much of BAIS’ 30 year history.

Some Underwriting Agents use the core system as is, while others prefer to add their bespoke touches, such as broker portals, multi-currency and bordereau reporting. BAIS regularly converts data from all the major insurance systems and guarantees that Underwriting Agencies will be able to turn off their legacy systems within weeks of moving to iBAIS 2.0.

BAIS insurance technology continues to support UAC members by providing a robust, flexible insurance platform for Underwriting Agents, placing an emphasis on long term relationships, experienced service and absolute data integrity.