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Product Recall

2023-06-07T12:10:15+10:00Wednesday 7 June 2023|What's New from UAC Members|

Delta Insurance introduces Product Recall cover targeted at small to medium businesses Specialist underwriter Delta Insurance is shaking up the industry with the introduction of a unique Product Recall policy targeted at small to medium businesses. While product recalls are more commonly associated with large multinational corporations such as automotive manufacturers, Delta Insurance has recognised [...]

Precision Underwriting specialisation update

2023-04-18T05:51:53+10:00Tuesday 18 April 2023|What's New from UAC Members|

This is an offering that combines advanced proactive crisis response services with effective insurance.  Molestation Liability:  Precision Underwriting can provide access to the Beazley Safeguard abuse product. We will consider submissions from all industries and our experience has allowed us to identify six key markets: Educational institutions Not-for-profit organisations Transportation providers Healthcare providers Religious institutions [...]

Introducing Crash Assist by DriverCare

2023-04-11T06:18:53+10:00Tuesday 11 April 2023|What's New from UAC Members|

Enhanced ‘industry leading’ improvements designed to further streamline the repair & claims journey. Crash Assistant provides fleet drivers with the technology to report their first notice of loss and complete their insurance form in just 3 to 5 minutes, all from their mobile phone. Available on Apple and Android; DriverCare is offering all its clients [...]

Protect The Ones You Love

2023-03-14T16:42:32+11:00Tuesday 14 March 2023|What's New from UAC Members|

The months following Valentine’s Day remind us to look to our loved ones and how we can better care for and protect them. When it comes to protection, there is something tangible you can do, with Legal Expense Insurance (LEI) cover. Having a LEI family policy will cover you and your loved ones for various [...]

NSRA – Location Update next 8 weeks

2023-03-08T13:28:50+11:00Wednesday 8 March 2023|What's New from UAC Members|

National Surveys & Risk Assessments will have surveyors in the following areas over the next 8 weeks. If you need a Property Risk Survey conducted, please contact me on info@nsra.com.au or 1300 880 422 and I can provide more accurate site visit dates for each area. We are also able to provide Thermal imaging should [...]

Sedgwick reaffirms the importance of catastrophe planning

2023-02-22T05:08:51+11:00Wednesday 22 February 2023|What's New from UAC Members|

Last year, with the prospect of a severe CAT season looming, Sedgwick released a short piece — relevant to insurers, brokers and their customers alike — that stressed the importance of planning ahead. Considering the upheaval across Australia caused by the extreme rainfall, we felt it would be beneficial to reshare the details of that [...]


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