According to the Insurance Council of Australia (2022), 2022 was Australia’s costliest year due to severe weather events. With actual claims costs from 197,000 claims, the insured losses amount to an estimated $3.35 Billion.

Our team in the support and claims centre deal with the victims of these destructive weather events.

As one of our specialised claims consultants writes:

‘I imagine the flood claims I received would be very traumatic for the insured as multiple assets have been damaged, they are potentially losing income & all their belongings and even their home has been affected.

I can only imagine the trauma and devastation the clients are experiencing, and I keep this as a reminder that I am working to ease their frustration, loss, and pain. I am here to help.

Showing empathy, a sense of urgency, and good teamwork will not only help our team, but most importantly, this will all hopefully help provide the customer with some relief and a sense of ease knowing they are good hands!’

It is not much to expect that our claims and support teams should also harness their interpersonal skills as much as first contact personal or the claims department in any insurance company or brokerage.

To lose one’s home and all your belongings is devastating and places a person in an extremely vulnerable situation, we make it our priority that our staff understand and are able to empathise with this. These victims need a caring, empathetic voice on the other side of the line. Gathering the necessary information to make a claim and reach a coverage decision should not traumatise the client any more than they already are.

Customer service and claims teams are made up of a diverse group of people. They are all taught the relevant skills for the job, but what’s more important are their transferable skills and the attributes they bring to the table. As a company we seek the skills which outshine the normal everyday working talents as these are the ingredients for a cohesive, balanced, and collaborative team culture.

We seek strong empathetic traits which are what make them a perfect fit in Innovation Group Australia. They need to be resilient and be able to manage difficult interactions. They will need to be able to complete one claim and easily move on to the next. Another important quality would be their ability to work well with in a team, collaboration is very important.

This in total, creates a strong circular effect which enhances our service.

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