In all walks of life, it is a good thing to have and achieve the goals that we set as we make our way on our journey. However, we cannot ignore that failures are very much a part of this path as well.

It is an undeniable truth that there is wisdom to be gained from failure.

However, this realisation applies as much to the corporate world as it does to us personally.

At Innovation Group Australiawe accept that our past is dappled in failures, but we acknowledge the growth and empowerment it has given us as we learn from our mistakes. We cannot deny that learning from said failures is easy, either. However, we are determined and committed to ‘step out of the corporate box,’ on this one.

When our Managing Director, Drew Schnehage arrived in Australia in 2019 and she experienced the devastating loss of client satisfaction, trust and ultimately their business, she took stock of the situation and identified the mistakes that were made.

Here’s what we learnt and how we moved on.

Failure is failure and even the biggest names, brands and stars have taken a punch to the gut when miserably disappointing and losing a customer. Instead of playing the blame game and allowing it to crush our team spirit, Innovation Group Australia searched for the most important question and asked it of ourselves.

How do we recover?

Failure is painful, embarrassing and can if we allow it to be, debilitating. But the most important thing that it is – and keep an open mind here – is empowering!

The majority of general surveys taken on this subject come back with an above average of participants across the board, who have experienced failure, acknowledging that learning from your failure and moving on is the putting the best foot forward.

So, what did we do?

  1. We decided to stop complaining.
    Our original efforts did not gain us the expected result – analyse it once and take what can be learnt from.
  1. We took responsibility.
    We failed epically because we did not adapt, pay attention to, or manage the situation appropriately. Whatever the reason, we acknowledged it, and we used it to improve.
  1. We celebrated the failure.
    This could come across as a taboo and is most certainly the hardest part, but it is impossible to have an EPIC FAIL, if we are not trying to accomplish something which is EPIC! We dream big! And so, we will accomplish BIG!
  1. We debriefed as a team on:
  • What worked?
  • What did not work?
  • What should, or could we have done differently?
  • What did we miss completely?
  1. We recommitted as a team via our IGConnect commitments.
    We are putting our failures behind us. It happened, we have learnt from it, now the question which remains is, can we summon the emotional, and professional strength to move forward and try again?

    Damn straight we can!

  1. We created a plan.
     Based on what we have learnt we have created a plan of action which has led us toward our goal. We are energised, excited, and ready to give it our all.
  1. Executing the plan.
    Over the last two years, we have taken massive action to create momentum. Barring unforeseen and out of our control circumstances, we have implemented what we have learnt to create the most outstanding customer experience for our clients.

Suffice it to say…

It has not been a smooth ride, but over the last two years, wading our way through a myriad of change, Covid, and growth, we have implemented our plan and the turnaround is both spectacular and evident in every client feedback and at the end of every successful claim.