Attending a ‘drive safe’ talk at my kids’ school, it was mentioned by a police officer that, “The speed limit is just that – a limit not a target.”

In other words, to drive at the maximum limit on all roads all the time is not necessarily the right thing to do. Speed kills, we know this, but what if I told you that slowing down could also save you money?

Innovation Group Australia has made one of the most advanced driver safety solutions available, accessible here in Australia – Mentor program by eDriving.

This mobile app is a flexible digital driver safety solution identifying risky behaviour, remediating through micro-training, securing drivers privacy, and supporting organisations worldwide with a dedicated account support resource.

So where do the savings come in you ask?

Mentor has an EcoDrive feature. This feature shows the driver just how eco-friendly their driving is and reminds them that smooth, defensive driving is eco-driving.

When we focus on safe eco-friendly driving behaviour, we cut down on our fuel consumption, which is probably not such a bad thing considering the directional flow of the price of a litre of diesel or petrol at the moment.

To find out how we can help you better manage the safety of your fleet and drivers contact us: