Rapid Solutions

ABN: 83 169 311 193
AFSL Number or NZ IRD Number: 379465
Suite 21, Level 1, OTP House, 10 Bradford Close, Kotara, NSW, Australia 2289
Postal Address:

PO Box 550, Kotara NSW 2289


Rapid Solutions is a niche liability and professional indemnity underwriter with more than 25 years’ experience in offering insurance products to property services industries. Activities for which Rapid Solutions can assist are:

  • Pest control (animals, insects, snake handling, possum control)
  • Building inspection reports* (based on visual inspections - commercial buildings; building defect, dilapidation, maintenance inspections; building progress inspections; energy rating reports; scopes of works; estimating; expert witness; resolution, conciliation, mediation; local authority record searches; strata record inspection reports) *excludes compliance
  • Cleaning services (shops, offices, nursing homes, hospitals, child care centres, schools, commercial premises, premises with sensitive information, banks, insurers, car detailing, pet washing & grooming, high-pressure house cleaning, windows, graffiti, curtains & drapes, carpets, house exteriors)
  • Handyman & maintenance services (general handyman, lawn & garden care, gutter & valley clearing)
  • Timber pest inspections (pre-purchase reports on visual inspections)
  • Termite management (chemical or physical products and techniques to prevent termites accessing buildings)
  • Weed control (prevention or control of vegetation and propagation of unwanted, invasive plants in commercial or residential settings)
  • Agricultural pest & weed control (managing undesirable animals, vegetation & pests that intrude on primary producers in farm and agricultural settings)
  • Fumigation (pest control that fills contained areas with gaseous pesticides or fumigants to suffocate or poison pests)
  • Cargo container fumigation (see above)
  • Tree care (lopping, removal; diagnosis & treatment of diseases & pests; tree support & bracing; fertiliser application; tree root zone aeration; installing tree protection & root barriers)
  • Swimming pool safety inspections (NSW, Qld only - visual inspection reports indicating if fences are compliant with state legislation)
  • Consultancy services (across all activities offered)
  • Methamphetamine testing (reports based on specialised testing processes at domestic and commercial properties)

Contact: Name: Pauline Erdmannsky Title: Operations Manager Email: pauline.erdmannsky@rapidsolutions.com.au

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