Ensurance Underwriting Pty Ltd

ABN: 21 158 973 365
ACN: 158 973 365
AFSL Number or NZ IRD Number: 429874
Suite 4, 400 Canterbury Road, Surrey Hills, VIC, Australia 3127
Suite 3, Level 18, 201 Kent Street, Sydney, NSW, Australia 2000
Postal Address:

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Ensurance Underwriting Pty Ltd’s (EU) target market is SME construction risks (including owner builders), and trades liability, for commercial, residential and mixed use projects. Its innovative software system, distributed via brokers only, offers a one-stop shop for contract works and other products. EU can also  assist with larger or more difficult construction placements.

Name: Michael Huntly
Title: Head of Ensurance Underwriting
Email: mhuntly@ensurance.com.au
Phone: 1300 794 079

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