For quality, professional engineering services.

KMA Consulting Pty Ltd has commenced to expand its team due to the influx of new works nationally.

The industry needs a professionally operated company to assist with disaster claim services, particularly causation investigations and post-disaster recoveries.

KMA Consulting is operated by Karl Aldrich, The senior team members now include

  • Hemi Borell, Senior Building Consultant
  • Philip Boydell, Project Manager
  • Stefano Vittone, Architect
  • Tony Robson, Senior Building Consultant
  • Lincoln Roberts, Engineer and Designer

Their skills add project management and building and architectural consultancies to KMA’s core engineering capabilities so KMA can provide a more holistic service to the insurance industry.

KMA can take on projects across the nation, particularly for clients impacted by Australia’s natural disasters I’d welcome the opportunity to have a chat about how KMA Consulting can help you.

Please call Belinda 0477 990 009 or email