At UAC, we aim to provide essential resources, information, and support specific to our members’ needs to ensure they are ‘future fit’. To be future fit, our members must have the right resources internally and the ability to draw on external research and resources from UAC as backup when needed.

UAC supports our members by staying on top of emerging trends and forecasts in the industry to ensure they are prepared to respond to any challenges the segment may face.

More importantly, we want to help support the growth of our members’ businesses by providing new ideas that can be implemented across the sector. Namely, through assisting in preparing and identifying future leaders, as well as positively influencing our broader society’s ability to address risk.

The insurance industry recognises that the specialist products offered by UAC members fill the void where some generalist capacity exited the market. As it stands, UAC members play a key role in ensuring society is adequately protected, and we see it as the role of UAC to develop this further. We want to ensure the sustainability of our platform, where our members will continue to evolve and grow whilst building capacity into the future.

We will offer timely and relevant resources to our members, actively seeking educational opportunities and learning recognition for our high-performing members. This has been outlined in UAC’s Strategic Plan, with one initiative already being implemented: leveraging our partnership with ANZIIF to get more CPD points for members.

As we continue to develop quality resources, our next goal is to apply them to our current program through webinars and other educational assets. We also focus on broadening our partnerships to deliver expert advice and information to our members.

We believe in strength in numbers and use our membership base to create and take advantage of new opportunities. We will continue to improve our insight and research so we’re armed if something comes along and threatens the sector. We will step in and fight on your behalf to identify and match our members to those emerging risks as they present.
Best regards,

Michael Edmonds
UAC Deputy Chair