Woodina Underwriting Agency Pty Ltd

ABN: 24 151 854 698
AFSL Number or NZ IRD Number: 418755
Level 13, 100 Edward Street, Brisbane, QLD, Australia 4000
Postal Address:

GPO Box 3313 Brisbane Qld 4001


Woodina is a specialist professional indemnity underwriting agency with an in-house solicitor team handling defence of claims through to litigation. Woodina has a same day or 24-hour turnaround with a focus on exceptional service.

Name: Michael Wood
Title: CEO
Email: michael.wood@woodina.com.au
Phone: 07 3222 9401

Name: Raoul Basile
Title: Professional Lines Underwriting Manager
Email: raoul.basile@woodina.com.au
Phone: 07 3222 9403

Name: Rado Polic
Title: General Manager and Head of Casualty
Email: rado.polic@woodina.com.au
Phone: 02 9261 8752

Name: Suzie White
Title: Head of Accident & Health
Email: suzie.white@woodina.com.au
Phone:  07 3222 9411   Mobile:  0409 717 749

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