Coversure Pty Ltd

ABN: 84 413 814 665
ACN: 134635181
AFSL Number or NZ IRD Number: 407505
Level 2, 33-35 Atchison Street, St Leonards, NSW, Australia 2065
Postal Address:

PO Box 108 St Leonards NSW 1590


Coversure provides brokers with solutions for many classes of liability insurance, including:

  • General liability
  • Professional indemnity
  • Management liability.

Coversure has specialist packaged liability products for exposures associated with:

  • Security
  • Entertainment
  • Leisure & tourism.

Coversure can also arrange cancellation & abandonment and prize indemnity insurance.

Name: Adrian Gamble
Title: General Manager
Phone: 02 8404 9500

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