10 December 2021
News release – iBAIS insurance system gets extensive pre-Christmas makeover

iBAIS, the flagship insurance platform from BAIS insurance technology, has received a major pre-Christmas makeover, with the release of iBAIS 2.0 on 13 December.

The user interface and usability has been extensively updated to make the platform more elegant for customers, brokers and underwriters. The upgrade has further introduced real-time, customisable dashboards and enhanced the value for insurtechs and other applications seeking to interface with iBAIS. Improvements have also been made to the core technology building blocks, to facilitate further development of the platform into the future.

This is the most significant upgrade to iBAIS in a decade and is evidence of BAIS’ continued investment in its insurance technology solutions. The investment that has been made in developing iBAIS, since its launch, currently stands at $42 million and counting.

BAIS CEO, David Hampton commented, “The release of iBAIS 2.0 is an important milestone and represents our new journey to build a relevant development roadmap for our customers. The last two years has taught the insurance industry many lessons, and BAIS wants to allow existing and new customers to streamline their business to make better profit margins. We started reviewing the customer experience on our platform a couple of years ago, and knew we had some work to do. It is now ready to go and initial feedback is that users think it is an impressive step forward.”

After a preview of iBAIS2.0, Jordan Brindley, General Manager Operations at Coast Insurance said, “We at Coast Insurance are very excited. The system has had a complete face lift, which makes it look fresh, modern and clean, all the while still maintaining the structure we know iBAIS for. Meaning that the new version will be easy to navigate after the change. The one feature we are most excited about are the real time dashboards added to the home screen, these will truly improve our business operations on a day to day basis.”

iBAIS is a comprehensive insurance toolbox that has over 350 insurance products configured and is able to handle complex user requirements. Over $A3.5bn in premium is processed on the platform every year, with new business enquiries increasing rapidly from across the eight countries where the platform operates.

The new upgrade to iBAIS 2.0 is being rolled out, at no cost, to clients on 13 December and is available to new clients from January 2022.

Editor’s notes
BAIS provides insurance systems and solutions for the insurance. It has lived and breathed the Australian insurance market for 25 years. The entirely Australian-based team ensures the delivery of a robust system, sound data security and flexible access for your people 24/7 – delivered via the cloud.

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