Our sub-committees will be meeting for the first time this month and are tasked with a range of aims and objectives to support the UAC Strategic Plan. These committees are an important source of inspiration and actions that will help support our development and generate greater member benefit.

Each sub-committee has been given a broad charter that cover the aims and objectives to match the Strategic Plan. These fit into three key areas:

  • Membership – Reviewing the membership criteria, driving new memberships and categories, and identifying and developing new member benefits.
  • Expo evolution – Reviewing the current Expo format for further improvements, maintaining relevance, and how to provide better opportunities for our members and Business Service members.
  • Business Service Membership – Identifying how to attract more, high-quality business service members to better support the organisation and members.

These sub-committees are essential to the organisation’s future success, and the Board and I thank all the volunteers who have offered their valuable time to participate on these.