Three Underwriting Agencies Council directors have been re-elected for two-year terms on the board.

Simon Lightbody, CEO of Steadfast Underwriting Agencies; Heath Amber, Managing Director of Millennium; and Emily Walker, National Development Manager for Axis, were re-elected at UAC’s annual general meeting (AGM) in Sydney today (Thursday 13 December 2018).

An additional vacant board role was filled by Trent Brown, Director of Allstate Underwriting.

At a board meeting following the AGM, Lyndon Turner was re-elected as chair; Kurt Nilsen as deputy chair; Peter Fryer was elected treasurer (replacing Linda King who did not stand for re-election); and Heath Amber was elected as company secretary and public officer.

Chair Lyndon Turner told the AGM UAC had had an outstanding year with highlights including an expanded series of educational forums and seminars across the nation with a total of 15 events. There were six underwriting expos, attracting more than 1,720 brokers across the expos.

He said the UAC website had continued to be popular with brokers, hosting more than 50,700 broker searches, up from 32,700 in 2018. Brokers asked members to place more than 300 hard-to-place risks during the year, compared with 183 in 2017.

“UAC’s future is bright. Membership has continued to build. During 2018 we welcomed 12 new underwriting agency members and 10 new business service members,” Mr Turner said.

“We have built a solid foundation on which to further expand. Our goal is to see every eligible agency – in both Australia and New Zealand – join UAC and gain access to the many benefits UAC membership entails.”