Solution has launched a cyber liability product designed for the SME market.

It has been reported that 43% of all cyber crimes target SMEs and 60% of SMEs that experience significant cyber attacks or data breaches go out of business within six months.

Solution’s policy benefits include:
• An emergency incident response hotline via mobile phone, email or app
• Social engineering fraud cover
• Response expenses paid within the first 48 hours
• Payment credit card data security standard cover
• Betterment costs – $50,000 sub limit
• Cyber crime automatically covered – $25,000 sub limit
• Reward expenses covered – $25,000 sub limit
• Telecommunications fraud covered – $25,000 sub limit
• Wider definition of business interruption loss calculation
• BI loss calculation triggered after waiting period but reverts to zero once monetary excess is met
• Voluntary system shut down covered under BI
• Wide definition of computer system.

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