Seven Underwriting Agencies Council member representatives have nominated for four vacancies on the board of directors.

The vote will be conducted at the UAC annual general meeting (AGM) in Sydney on Thursday 13 December 2018.

Three retiring directors, Simon Lightbody, CEO of Steadfast Underwriting Agencies; Heath Amber, Managing Director of Millennium; and Emily Walker, National Development Manager for Axis, are offering themselves for re-election.

The other four nominees are Suzie White, Head of Accident & Health at Woodina; Gida Irving, CEO of Amazon; Trent Brown, Director of Allstate Underwriting; and Sarogini Millott, Senior Underwriter at Community Underwriting.

UAC General Manager William Legge thanked UAC’s retiring director and treasurer Linda King, from Sterling, who has decided not to stand for re-election. “Linda has done a fabulous job as treasurer for many years and has been a very active board member. We thank her for her hard work and dedication since she joined the board in 2010,” he said.

The AGM will be at Gillis Delaney Lawyers boardroom in Sydney from 10.45am to noon on Thursday 13 December 2018.

It will be preceded by a presentation from 9.30am to 10.15am by GDLaw partner David Newey who will highlight outcomes, so far, from the Royal Commission and examine potential implications for the insurance industry and, in particular, the delegated underwriting authority industry.