UAC is circulating this information to alert the market that Professional Risk Underwriting Pty Ltd (ProRisk) became aware this week that its operating network has been affected by a phishing attempt.

ProRisk’s IT Department acted quickly to isolate the malicious code within the system. That involved shutting down the system and closing any security gaps.

ProRisk executive director Hamish Nye said: “Our IT advisers are working around the clock to get us back online and trading. We assure the market that, based on investigations to date, no client information has been compromised.”

Mr Nye confirmed:

  • all renewing policies will be held on cover
  • instructions to bind cover will be honoured
  • certificates of currency can be provided if required urgently.

ProRisk says every effort is being made to minimise inconvenience to clients and they’re being updated regularly. Malicious actors’ methods are constantly evolving and this incident reinforces the need for cyber security and cyber insurance as an essential part of an organisation’s information security and risk posture.

Mr Nye said ProRisk and Armada had invested heavily in information security, enabling early identification of the incident and action to isolate it quickly.

“While it may take some time to get back to business as usual, the incident is a reminder not just to us, but the broader market, to continue investing in cyber resilience,” Mr Nye said.

“ProRisk will honour its commitments now and in the future as we have ‘fit for purpose’ policies and procedures in place. They include a ‘living’ cyber incident crisis management plan, which we activated immediately to mitigate inherent risks. Our focus is honouring our commitments and returning to business as usual,” Mr Nye said.

During this time, ProRisk has established alternative email addresses to ensure service continuity.

  • For underwriting queries (except NSW, ACT and Qld) email:
  • For NSW and ACT underwriting queries, email:
  • For Brisbane underwriting queries, email:
  • For ProRisk executive director queries, email:
  • For general inquiries, email:
  • For claims inquiries, email:
  • For media inquiries, email: