Project Description

ABN: 40 618 263 684
Address: Level 8, 350 Collins Street, Melbourne Vic 3000

uBind is a state-of-the-art insurtech platform that is changing the way insurance is sold. Clients are insurers, underwriters and brokers that want to digitise and get to market quickly. The uBind platform provides a fully digital system for distribution online, either via direct sale through a website or from behind a broker portal. uBind supports the full lifecycle of insurance transactions and focuses on self-service and automation for efficient, seamless insurance distribution. uBind easily integrates with external systems, provides a wide range of modules to support insurance functions, and is an agile platform, flexible enough to cater to unique requirements.

Underwriting agencies: Distribute insurance through a broker network or white label and sell through agents and representatives. Detailed dashboards, reporting and insights. Take advantage of fully digital workflows for reviewing and endorsing policies so you can handle each referral trigger intelligently, seamlessly and efficiently.

Brokers: Get to market quickly. uBind’s team designs the best looking application forms to sell insurance online or from behind a broker portal. Integrates with external systems easily, be it existing broking systems, such as eBix or Steadfast Insight, CRMs, accounting systems or almost anything else.

Insurers: Quickly build and launch a range of products to build out your digital insurance offering. Apply the latest UX principles for maximum customer engagement online and the lowest form abandonment rates. Stop customers shopping around by enabling them to quickly tailor their insurance to be their own, with real-time pricing. Provide reseller portals for brokers and agents with full oversight, control and detailed reporting.

The uBind platform aims to bring the best user experience to customers applying for insurance online. Application forms are built using an Expert System-based AI approach, which brings brokers’ knowledge into the online application process. Only the necessary questions are intelligently shown to customers to minimise the size of the application form, so even the most complex insurance situations can be handled intuitively. The system generates all policy documents and provides logins to customers so they can manage their policies, make adjustments, lodge claims and renew. Renewals are handled automatically with invitation links sent according to a schedule.

The system is built around a rich automations platform that enables uBind to run actions based on events, pull and push data from other systems, and transform the data along the way, making it a truly connected system in today’s cloud-based, interconnected world. With the automations platform, there are no limits to what you can do, because it can extend its functionality by easily plugging into external APIs.

The platform works across all devices, from mobile to desktop, any time, anywhere.  The portal also can be compiled into an app and published on the Play and App stores.

Get in touch to have a chat or organise a detailed demonstration of the platform and find out how uBind can take your business to the next level.

Name: John Gamble
Title: Owner
Phone: 1300 824 631