Outperform by joining forces alongside RMS, the Catastrophe Risk Management leader and the Insurance industry’s trusted Catastrophe Risk Modelling partner for over 30 years. With a deep understanding of both the insurance and reinsurance risk mitigation required for you to better service your customers, we remain the preferred partner of choice for Underwriting agencies. RMS solutions cover an extensive range of Industry risk use cases such as catastrophe model evaluation, data quality assessment, exposure analysis, peer comparisons, renewal execution, and regulatory support, to name a few.

Contact RMS to benefit from our wide range of specific Underwriting Analytical Service offers.

  1. Performance Portfolio Risk Assessment drives capacity monitoring and business expansion
  2. Sensitivity Analysis* compares exposure/financial variability and mitigates more of your risk
  3. Clearing Data Backlogs/Exposure Analysis* applies superior RMS modelling techniques to your customer data
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Find out more about RMS managed and on-demand Analytics Services HERE, and download our easy to read RMS Analytics Services brochure HERE. RMS will ensure a speedy Services turnaround so you can get ahead of the busy curve and be the first to market, no matter the size of your workload.

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