At Pen Underwriting, our property team has a broad range of underwriting expertise. You can rely on us to take the time to understand your clients’ requirements and provide a tailored solution.

We aim to set the standard by meeting your challenge.

With significant capacity from Lloyd’s and domestic markets, we can offer 100% placement, lead or co-insurance capacity.

Pen offers the ability to write hard to place/high hazard risks and commercial SME business and the ability to review large corporate risks, for example:

  • Commercial  property, including multi-occupancy
  • Product manufacturing (light and heavy)
  • Mixed construction type, including EPS
  • Risks north of the 26th parallel
  • Leisure industry, including night clubs and adult entertainment venues
  • Miscellaneous property, including single peril and single location, excess buy-down, excess of loss (burglary and money) and general property down-hole with specified limits.

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Richard Hardy
National Underwriting Manager – Short Tail
+61 2 9323 5014

Neil Dempsey
Senior Underwriter
+61 2 9323 5046

Danny Pereira
+61 2 9323 5018

Allan Lightfoot
Senior Underwriter
+61 2 9323 5033

Lisa McGarry
Junior Underwriter
+61 2 9323 5012


Craig Cullum
+61 7 3056 1420

Mark Ponton
+61 7 3056 1434


Mary-Anne Turner
Senior Underwriter
+61 3 9810 0609

Lawrence Young
Senior Underwriter
+61 3 9810 0610