ABN: 56 640 574 385
AFSL Number or NZ IRD Number: AFSL 528433
72 Foveaux Street, Surry Hills NSW, Australia 2010

Astronaut Chris Hadfield once famously said, “No astronaut ever goes into space with their fingers crossed.” Mitti shares that same philosophy for those going into business; always be prepared for whatever is coming your way. Our customers have worked too hard to let one unfortunate mistake bring the business down.

Mitti Insurance, a standalone Underwriting Agency (AFSL 528433), is a tech led, data driven business focussing on integrating risk management with insurance by partnering with businesses to mitigate risk. By working with SafetyCulture's iAuditor, the world’s most downloaded App for inspections and combining those 730 million checks with 10 years insurance data, Mitti by SafetyCulture has a unique offering to help you, help your clients run a better, safer business. Mitti provides data and insights on “people like your clients” in different industries to identify and mitigate the potential claim from occurring.

Mitti is looking forward to sharing their insights and giving you the data to help your existing clients and generate leads for new clients.

We're not a hard to place market, however Mitti looks to partner with those brokers and client's with a strong focus in risk management in commercial lines businesses, specifically business packages.

Name: Danial Cummins
Position: General Manager
Email: danial.cummins@mitti.com.au
Phone: 0409 848 630

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