Hotel liability

Hotel liability

Ryno Insurance now offers liability insurance for hotels, pubs and taverns.

Limits and covers available:
• Public and products liability, including property owners
• Policy limit to $20m
• Care custody and control extension limit $50k
• Innkeepers’ liability extension limit $50k
• Excess $2,500 each and every loss

Ryno will cover:
• Rural or country hotels, pubs, taverns
• Bottle shops attached to hotels, pubs, taverns
• Solo & duo entertainment is acceptable
• Onsite accommodation is acceptable

Ryno won’t cover:
• CBD hotels, pubs, taverns
• Nightclubs & bars
• Queensland-based risks

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Nathan Sommer
Assistant Manager
P: 1300 650 670

Trisha Urquhart
Senior Underwriter
P: 1300 650 670

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