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RESCHEDULED. The Norwest Sydney Expo has been rescheduled to 25 November 2020.

UAC members considering exhibiting at the Norwest Sydney Underwriting Expo: please consider the current circumstances in your attending staff’s home state and be mindful of possible Covid-19 exposures.


UAC will provide thermal imaging screening for all attendees.  This will be located at the UAC registration desk.
UAC recommends taking your time to walk from the car park to the venue. This will contribute to maintaining an even temperature, don’t use the stairs or walk up the escalators.
If a temperature reading is above the safe level required, you will be asked to return to level 1, wait 10 minutes, then re-enter the expo space.
The venue will provide directional decals for attendees. Please respect staff providing assistance to ensure the flow of attendees and counting people on entry to each expo space.
Entry is via the escalators from the Ground Floor to the Luxe Lounge exhibition space and then progress through to additional exhibition space in the Lyceum Auditorium. Exit from the expo will be via the rear door located to the right of the bar area of the Lyceum Auditorium. If you wish to re-enter the Expo this will need to be via the Luxe Lounge and thermal imaging process.

Exhibitors (please read before purchasing your exhibitor table ticket below):

Note: If the Norwest Sydney Underwriting Expo is cancelled due to Covid-19 revised restrictions, UAC will issue a full refund to exhibitors. 

Should you have any questions relating to the Expo please contact Tracey Claridge: traceyclaridge@uac.org.au or mobile: 0433 447 574

Only one staff member can manage the expo table at any time. Additional staff are welcome to support the event and swap with other team members. All exhibitor staff need to sign in. Please ensure you have photo ID, such as a drivers licence.
Physical distancing rules apply – the venue will have decals in place, please adhere to them.
Please don’t move tables or chairs as they have been placed according to social distancing requirements required for the event space.
UAC will provide a 500ml hand sanitiser pump bottle for each exhibitor table.
Where practical, keep merchandise in its original packaging, this will assist in reducing excessive handling.  Additional items can be given to brokers on request.
Brokers will select a specific time frame to visit the expo, so please don’t have lengthy discussions. If required, please arrange meetings outside the expo space.

Brokers (entry is complimentary, however please select a specific time slot to attend – see below):

Should you have any questions relating to the Expo please contact Tracey Claridge: traceyclaridge@uac.org.au or mobile: 0433 447 574

Please complete your registration details in full – don’t skip any fields.
Select a time frame to attend the expo: 8.30am–10am; 10am–11.30am; 11.30am–1pm; 1pm–2.30pm.  There are 80 places available for each time frame.
A registration list will be used for each session, to check names registered in the time frame.  Please ensure you attend the correct time frame as confirmed by UAC in an email to you.
Please arrive with enough time for sign in, registering and completing thermal imaging screening before entering the expo.
Brokers are required to scan an Entry QR code and an Exit QR code (both are mandatory).  These will be available at entry/exit points and provided by UAC Red Team support staff.
The venue will provide directional decals to ensure the flow of attendees is orderly and the number of attendees controlled within each expo space. Please comply with these instructions.
Announcements will be made when each time frame is due to expire and brokers in that time frame are required to leave the expo to enable the next group to enter.
Brokers are strongly encouraged to download the UAC Events app in advance. This will assist with scanning Entry/Exit Codes;  exhibitor QR codes and support allocation of CPD points.
Ensure your camera is operational on both the UAC Events app and in your phone settings.
 Please be advised, to avoid excessive handling, paper passports WILL NOT be provided.
Promotional merchandise will be available from exhibitors. UAC encourages minimum handling of items.