UAC has received 11 nominations for four vacancies on the board of directors.

Those elected will each serve a two-year term.

The election will be conducted at UAC’s AGM on Wednesday 11 December 2019 in Sydney.

Three retiring directors are seeking re-election. They are Lyndon Turner, from NM Insurance; Kurt Nilsen, from Lion Underwriting; and Eric Lowenstein, from Tego.

Other nominees are Ross Webster, from Mecon; Jeanene Hill, from Canopius; Ben Johnston-Bradford, from SUA; Gabriele McDonald, from Protecsure; Kevin Corkery, from Wellington Underwriting; Brett Jackson, from Sura; Chris Dardaneliotis, from Sterling; and Anthony Porter, from AFA.

Retiring director Peter Fryer, from Brooklyn Underwriting, is not seeking re-election.

UAC General Manager William Legge thanked Peter for his contribution to the board since his election in December 2011.

Peter served as company secretary from December 2014 until December 2018, when he became treasurer.

“Peter has done a fabulous job as company secretary and then treasurer and has been a very active board member during his eight years as a director. We thank him for his hard work and dedication to the role,” William said.

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