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Electronic signature use

2020-04-14T11:37:16+10:00Tuesday 14 April 2020|Latest News|

With many businesses’ team members working from home, companies need to consider when electronic signatures are acceptable in contracts. Clyde & Co has provided a guide to explain when electronic signatures can be used in various corporate contracts - click here.

Long service leave changes

2020-04-14T11:37:15+10:00Tuesday 14 April 2020|Latest News|

The Long Service Leave Act in NSW has been changed to enable added flexibility due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Clyde & Co has provided an article detailing changes to the Act - click here.

ASIC/APRA deadline extended

2020-04-14T11:37:16+10:00Tuesday 14 April 2020|Latest News|

Both ASIC and APRA have advised that, for the immediate future, any deadlines previously set in place will be postponed and reviewed again in September 2020. To see APRA’s advice, click here. For ASIC’s advice, click here. UAC will keep you advised of any changes as they are announced.


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